Welcome to the Submissions page! Here you can find (pretty much) everything you might need to know to submit a story to Moonlit Nights. If you have any questions that aren't here, please contact me and I'll be happy to answer.
Submission Policy

Stories submitted to Moonlit Nights should be formatted by the author prior to submission. While every story will be considered and read through for posting on the website, it does help if you ensure that your story is well-written and applies to the themes of this website (cute, anime, school- girl couple is a good start. Shoujo-ai is close. Touya and Sakura is a big "no"). While I would prefer stories to be submitted in standard txt format, I will accept other formats (.doc, .html, and maybe a few others) via e-mail. If you do submit in these formats, though, keep in mind that the formatting will not look the same as when you sent it.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, you have a few choices. You can send via e-mail, or there's the faster way where you can upload your story directly to the site. Uploading is easier and faster for pretty much everyone, so if your story is in txt format and less than 80KB, that's what I'd prefer. Regardless of what format you use, please make sure you include the title of the story, your name (or whatever you want to be listed under), and your e-mail address. A short description of the story couldn't hurt either.

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