Here we are, in the Multimedia section. What sorts of little gems can be found here? Well, this is where you can pick up all sorts of odds and ends for you to play with to keep yourself entertained, all related to Moonlit Nights! Some files can be downloaded while others are for use online (such as the online KiSS dolls). If you have a hard time getting any of the downloadable files to work, feel free to contact me.
!H!Angel Time [Cover] [S+T] [English] 2.8MB, 19 pgs
HoneyMoon [Cover] [S+T] [English] 1.54MB, 24 pgs
!H!Love Cherry [Cover] [S+T] [English] 1.87MB, 17 pgs
!H!Nightmare Planet [Cover] [C+H] [English] 1.78MB, 24pgs
ChibiUsa Panic [Screen] 2.6MB
Sakura Tetris [Screen] 200KB
[Online Games/Toys]
May require a newer version of Java
Coloring Book Launch
Online KiSS dolls Control Panel
[KiSS Dolls]
BlackLady 45.4KB
ChibiUsa 26.6KB
ChibiUsa 2 81.3KB
Hotaru 942KB
Hotaru 2 1.04MB
Hotaru 3 43.5KB
[WinAMP Skins]
Hotaru-ChibiUsa 324KB
Sakura and Tomoyo 237KB
Hotaru/Olivia 204KB
Tomoyo-chan 202KB

ChibiUsa and Hotaru. Author: Unknown