So, what kind of crazy people actually run this thing called Moonlit Nights? Well, you're about to find out! Here you'll find basically everything you could ever want to know (not that I know why you'd want to) about the people behind Moonlit Nights. In the event that there's something that isn't covered here (like, for instance, you absolutely must know my favorite color, where I live, my password, and how I sleep), feel free to e-mail (or otherwise contact) the appropriate person. We're not all too scary in person.. honest!

As a minor side note, I'd like to personally thank Pepsi for making Mountain Dew. Most updates and work on this site are thanks to the caffeine and sugar that somehow keep me up despite not getting much sleep.. and yes, I'm drinking it as I type this up.
Nickname: Cloud
Name: Jason
DOB: 1985.12.30
E-mail: cloud_strife_952atyahoodotcom
AIM: Promboy00
MSNm: promboyathotmaildotcom
Y! Messenger: cloud_strife_952
ICQ: 13952792
Websites: and Moonlit Nights
Journal: Disorganized Patterns

Jason's job at Moonlit Nights is mostly background work to keep things running smoothly along with other such administrative tasks most webmasters have to deal with. This includes (but isn't limited to) website design (making sure the site looks nice and is easy for visitors to navigate), the updating process (posting update notices, uploading files, modifying pages to reflect the new content), and content acquisition (sorting through submissions and e-mailing authors about their stories for use on this site). When not updating the website, he can also be found running the message board as the administrator. Aside from those listed, his jobs pretty much consist of everything else that needs to be done. Jason's been the webmaster of Moonlit Nights since its creation (November 9th, 2000) and is the only full-time staff member.

Personal Life:
Jason is a college student living in could-be-prettier Arizona. He's currently studying for a Bachelors of Arts with a Major in East Asian Studies (with emphasis on Japanese culture and language). Now that's a long title, but it sure does sound impressive. It basically means that he plans on either teaching English in Japan or perhaps working in translation. Scholastic career aside, his hobbies are computers, anime/manga, video games, and RPGs. He also has an obscenely large over-priced anime/game figurine collection which is really, really cool.

Nickname: Amazoness Duo
Name: Heather
DOB: June 4, 1983
E-mail: amazonessduoathotmaildotcom
AIM: heartless_kizuku
MSNm: amazonessduoathotmaildotcom
Y! Messenger: tomoyo_chan
ICQ: Don't really get on it anymore. O_o
Websites: Moonlit Nights
Journal: Emily

I'm the site author of Moonlit Nights and I've written quite a bit of the stories in the Tomoyo & Sakura, Misc, and ChibiUsa & Hotaru sections. I'm the big sister of the webmaster, which helped a lot when forcing him to make a website about the type of fanfiction I wanted to see more of online, particularly best friend romance stories. I leave most of the computer things to Cloud because he's so much better with that than I am. I'm much happier doing the writing.

Personal Life:
I'm a college student who has no idea what she's doing with her life. ^^;; I enjoy writing quite a bit and I love losing myself in the characters and their lives. I love all sorts of escapism, really. ^-^ Roleplaying games, videogames, books, anime, manga, etc. It all lets me surround myself with these fascinating characters. I'm the eldest sister of four siblings and I've helped raise the two youngest, so I don't get out of the house much. ^^;; I'm shy and neurotic and my mind is always spinning around something. I'm obsessive and overemotional and generally crazy. I believe wholeheartedly that love should conquer all, regardless of race, gender, religion, or idiotic governments. If anything, that's what I want to get across in my stories, that love is the most important thing in life.